Products Quality Standard
 1) Dimensions of container corner
  Chemical Composition
  Machinical Performance
  Technical Requirements
 2) Rear Corner Post-inner for Container
   Technical Requirements
   Chemical intergrents and mechanical performance


 Chemical Composition(%)
 Machinical Performance
 Technical Requirements
(1)Container corner casting should be in accordance with the regulation of ISO1161 and YLQ_001 specification.
(2)For machining faces:
   a. Two relatively parallel faces:
    Tangent of angle of the two faces is less than 0.3mm.
   b. Two vertical faces:
    Cotangent of angle of two faces is less than 0.3mm.
   c. Free of obvious tool bruises.
(3)Not indicated fillet radius R=3 mm.
(4)The thickness of holeless wall should be more than 9mm.
(5)Corner casting must be cleared up without sand, sharp angle, and rags.
(6)Installation position number,the Company's mark and heat number shall be cast on face A.
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