Xinhui Shuangshui Shipbreaking & Steel. Co. Ltd of jiangme City.Established in August 1984,is the major shipbreaking company in China. It's special demolishing import various old ship, our company has more than 320,000 square, more than 600,000 square wrkshop,has 5 large quay and 4 shipyard on shore, VLCC can direct to arrive our quay..

  Our company is the largest scale shipbreaking company in China with largest demolishing output and fastest demolishing seed.

  We have enjoy great reputation on the world,and establish a long term business relation whth BP、Chevron Texco、Exxon Mobile、Shell company and so on company.We have over twenty experience of shipbreaking and strength skill,and approved by OSHMS18000、ISO 14000

Address:Shuangshui Industrial Development Zone,Xinhui District Jiangmen City,Guangdong Province,China
Shuang shui Shipbreaking Company:
Tel:(86)750-6412416/6411487;  Fax:(86)750-6411170

Yili company:
Tel:(86)750-6412426/6417718;  Fax:(86)750-6411180/6417728


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